Will it be better to use whitening products?

If the skin care products are improperly mixed, it will cause whitening to be ineffective and even damage the skin. The following points must be the problems you will encounter in your skin care, and Xiaobian will answer them for you.

Will it be better to use whitening products?

1. Is it better to use different types of whitening products?

Different brands and different series of whitening products have different ingredients. If they are improperly mixed, the ingredients cannot be compatible or complement each other, which may cause whitening to be invalid or cause skin discomfort.

Most whitening products contain fruit acids and kojic acid, which should not be combined with vitamin A. Studies abroad have found that the combination of fruit acid and vitamin A (retinol) can make the effect unstable. If you want to make your whitening products absorb better, Pitera in SK-II fairy water is a good friend of all maintenance ingredients. Tap the fairy water before using the skin care products to make the subsequent whitening more effective.

2. How long does it take to apply two masks?

We often divide the mask into two categories, one is the mask for subtraction, such as exfoliation, deep cleaning, etc. One is the mask for addition, such as hydrating, whitening, nourishing, etc. It is recommended to use a subtractive mask first, followed by an addition mask. Do not use two addition masks at the same time. The skin itself has an absorption saturation. The superposition will cause waste and increase the burden on the skin. If you want better results, it is better to use anti-aging essence in advance and then use a moisturizing mask.

3. Want to anti-wrinkle, moisturize, firm, whitening "a grasp", one time to use four essences?

  In general, a variety of essences can be mixed and used. Because no one has only one skin problem, mashups are necessary. When superimposing the essence products, the most important thing to note is the order of use, otherwise the magical effects will cancel each other out. Remember, the essence of moisturizing and oil control should be used at the end. The essence of moisturizing and oil control usually contains some gelatinous film-forming agents and macromolecular components to lock in moisture. If used first, these macromolecules and membranous components will The absorption of other essences forms an obstacle.

4. Sunscreen mud shows over-maintenance?

Some people use sunscreen or foundation after mixing and applying skin care products, and they find uneven coating. They may also lick mud floating powder. This may be due to excessive gelatinous film-forming ingredients in the product, or multiple products used at the same time. Class composition. On the other hand, we have to reflect on whether it has not been done for a long time, and the temperature of the fingers and facial skin is not too low, which may cause the mud to happen.

In fact, sunscreen and mud are often found in European and American brands of plant sunscreen products. At this time, you can use Japanese moisturizing base to maximize the avoidance of mud.

5. Is there any easy way to see which of the multiple skin care products is causing overnutrition?

Apply skin care products to the skin and observe for 10 to 30 minutes. If the skin is not permeable to air and oily, leave it with mild facial cleanser and avoid using it.

6. Moisturizing is the most important thing, as long as you can hydrate your skin, you can get all the skin problems?

“Excessive moisturizing” is the most abused skin care! The skin appears fine lines, lack of elasticity, and pale complexion... Almost all problems are thought to be due to “water shortage” of the skin. Therefore, all kinds of moisturizing products are sold, but blind hydrating will only cause more serious consequences to the skin than the real water shortage. After excessive moisturization, the water content of the skin is too saturated, causing the pores to become tension-free and coarse, blackheads appear, the elasticity of the skin becomes slack, the aged keratinocytes are not easily peeled off, the stratum corneum becomes thick, and the skin is dull.

7. First use a cleansing brush and then salicylic acid. Can you make the "moon" become a "peeled egg"?

In Asia, 80% of women are being over-cleaned... Damage to the skin will definitely affect the absorption of nutrients by the skin, but if you use excessively strong cleaning products, the damage to the skin is equally destructive. . Exfoliation is very easy to over-expose, especially when you see that the skin becomes light and tender after the keratin is finished. Unless you are oily skin with large pores, it is not suitable for high-concentration salicylic acid products after exfoliation, it will unscrupulously destroy the skin's natural protective barrier, causing irritation or burns. Please remind yourself that your skin is not farmland.

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