Traditional toy mouse

Traditional toy mouse

Traditional toy mouse

In the photo, these colorful "Ground Mouse" folk traditional toys are now difficult to see in the market. For children, they may be very strange. Master Guo Xiaodong is still doing this traditional folk toy.

The 42-year-old master Guo Xiaodong was born in a family of folk traditional toys. From his grandfather, he has this craft. Master Guo, who has been making traditional folk toys from the urinary, quickly mastered this skill. At the age when other children are still playing with toys, Master Guo can already play with his own toys and playmates.

On November 7th, the reporter went to the master of Guo Xiaodong, Xujing Mingyuan Community, and saw that the table was filled with various traditional toys of "Ground Mouse" made by him and his brother Guo Weidong. The color is bright and symbolic, "Although this The folk toy is called 'Ground Mouse', but it has a wide variety, in addition to the shape of the mouse, there are different forms of beetles, turtles, crabs..." Master Guo said, "These toys are now difficult to see on the market. This is what we used to play when we were young." Speaking, Master Guo gently pulled the line above the back of the "Ground Mouse", and the "Ground Mouse" moved happily on the ground.

In fact, the materials of these toys are the cardboard and soil that can be seen everywhere. Master Guo brothers have made these simple materials into beautiful toys. Master Guo told reporters that the first thing is to use mud and plaster to make a model. The layer of paper is attached to the concave surface of the model. After drying, it is painted white and decorated. At the bottom, a wheel is attached to the rubber band, and then the rope is used. The winding is done.

To this day, Master Guo brothers still inherit this craft, and they are still working hard. They are now spreading the traditional methods of making toys to the Internet, and hope that more people can learn and understand the traditional craftsmanship.

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