Three tips for improving uneven skin tone

Three tips for improving uneven skin tone

With age, irregular diet, and excessive mental stress are the causes of uneven skin tone. So how do we improve uneven skin tone in our daily lives?

1, clean hydration

If outdoor activities are frequent, skin wicking increases, oil secretion is active, and keratin is likely to be thickened and the skin is dull. It is very important to clean the skin in a timely and thorough manner. Cleaning can not only make the pores smooth, but also gradually remove the dull keratin skin and improve the whiteness of the face. With moisturizing, it can quickly restore the balance of water and oil, and retain moisture on the surface of the skin, which will give the skin a natural luster.

2, base repair

If you want to solve the dull parts of the face, controlling melanin is an effective means. You can use melanin-removing drugs or whitening essence, which can be directly absorbed by cells, and the melanin produced can reduce the chance of transferring to epidermal cells; anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals invading cells, speed up metabolism, and make melanin keratinocytes fall off as soon as possible. Promote the synthesis of epidermal protein, from the local to the entire face, to truly improve the uneven skin condition.

3, day and night protection

Because ultraviolet light and photoaging are the main reasons for the skin to appear "red" and "yellow", daytime sun protection is especially important. In addition, the night skin enters the stage of self-renewal, and it is also the best time to get rid of noise. Skin can be fully improved during sleep by using products rich in vitamin C and minerals to dilute oxidized melanocytes.

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