Three sun protection steps for variable weather

The weather in summer is always cloudy, maybe it’s still sunny in the morning, and the thunder may be rolling in the afternoon. Have you adapted to the changing weather? In the face of changing weather, the skin is also accepting challenges all the time. Today we will learn how to achieve full sun protection.

Changeable weather first defense - sun protection

Myth 1: No sunscreen on cloudy days

In the hot summer, sun protection is of course unquestionable. But do you know? Even on a cloudy day, you need to do a good job of sun protection! This is because even on a cloudy day, ultraviolet rays still exist, but the problem of strength. If you think that there is no sun protection on the cloudy sky, then it is a big mistake!

Myth 2: Sunscreen is as good as a parasol.

On sunny days with strong UV light intensity, you need to prepare sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas and other essential sunscreen products. Don't think that if you apply sunscreen or a parasol, everything will be fine. In fact, the effective time of sunscreen is difficult to grasp accurately. If you can't refill it on time during the outing process, it is difficult to guarantee that it will not be harmed by UV rays at all. Similarly, the effect of the parasol is even more difficult to guarantee. Even if you are holding an umbrella all the time, it is difficult to prevent the refraction of ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the UV protection effect of many umbrellas remains to be verified.

Even if you go out on a cloudy day, do the necessary sun protection. First of all, sunscreen skin care products are a must. Some isolation products have a certain SPF sun protection index, which has a certain protective effect on the skin. But even so, it is best to apply a proper number of sunscreen products to the body. Isolation of UV rays protects the health of every inch of skin.

Changeable weather second defense - oil

I am afraid that the oil skin MM has the most say. The sun stayed a little longer at high temperatures, and the face suddenly became a large oil field. Coupled with the continuous roasting of the temperature, the sweat and oil on the face are mixed together, which easily causes the pores to become blocked. Acne and various skin problems broke out. Therefore, in the weather of the changing weather in summer, you should pay special attention to refreshing and oil control, and do not let the skin live in a stuffy and unobstructed state all the time. Especially the sebaceous gland secretion itself is relatively strong MM, try to avoid wearing makeup for a long time or stay in a hot, unclean environment, to prevent the skin from a lot of oil or bacteria, resulting in more serious skin problems.

Changeable weather third defense - anti-flower makeup

There are many reasons for flower makeup, but in terms of weather, hot and rainy weather may cause your beautiful makeup to become blurred.

First of all, the scorching sun in the hot sun can not replenish water in time, your skin will sweat a lot of oil, leading to flower makeup. This reminds you to do the basic work of moisturizing. You should know that the skin is oily, it is probably because of insufficient water.

Secondly, although there is no strong sun and ultraviolet damage in the rainy weather, the erosion of rain may also have a certain impact on the skin. If you are accidentally wet by the rain, your beautiful makeup will probably be spent. If you go out in the rain, it is recommended that you choose a waterproof type of makeup, so as to avoid the flower makeup caused by rain to a certain extent. However, the rain may not be clean! Therefore, when it rains, you should try to avoid rain and wet your cheeks and skin. It not only prevents makeup, but also avoids the lack of clean rain to affect the cleanliness and health of the skin.

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