The impact of the transformation of the optical industry

It has been mentioned that behind the rapid development of e-commerce, the impact on the traditional offline clothing retail industry is the greatest, of which Metersbonwe is a typical case. Regardless of whether these words are right or wrong, in fact the e-commerce vendors selling clothes on the Taobao platform are indeed the most. But in recent years, Uniqlo, one of the fastest-growing clothing retailers in China, has had to be warned by those who have always felt that online is replacing offline retailing. As of July 2013, Uniqlo has reached 212 stores in China, and the “UNIQLO” logo can be seen in almost all supermarkets in many cities. Panining, president of Uniqlo Greater China, stated that with the development of China’s urbanization, Uniqlo will turn to second, third and even fourth-tier cities to further increase market share.
Uniqlo has its own product design team, and the style is simple. In addition to T-shirts, there are no well-designed patterns on other clothes. On the production of clothes, a first-class processing company is commissioned to perform the processing. In the end, the model that completely covers one person from inside to outside, from top to bottom, and from spring to winter is covered from the coverage.
Having said that, let us summarize the common points of the two companies that represent online and offline sales models. We will first find out that: First, they all strive to provide customers with more convenient and autonomous choices; second, they are To provide customers with cost-effective products. Therefore, they are able to firmly grasp the hearts of the mass, the mainstream, and the mass consumers who have brand needs, and apply the current Internet buzzwords, that is, "they have to get silk."
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