The emergence of acne is questioning your maintenance method

Summer skin oil secretion is much more than other seasons, which is also the reason for frequent acne in summer. When the summer arrives, the skin plan will change, otherwise how to adapt to the changing summer? In fact, the emergence of acne is a question of your maintenance.

The emergence of acne is questioning your maintenance method

Acne is the warning of your skin

Overnutrition cream

In the summer, we should also properly moisturize the skin. We have begun to pay attention to this concept. However, if you accidentally ignore the oil and fat components in the moisturizer, if you choose the product with high oil content, the pores will be blocked by the oil and can not breathe. Some acne-inducing ingredients I will take the opportunity to create opportunities, so acne will come to you sooner or later. Therefore, if the skin is always fresh and avoids acne growth, it is important to pay attention to the product texture: the sticky toner will make the skin heavier in the hot and humid environment, and the light, refreshing and moisturizing texture is most suitable for mixed skin.

Remover does not seriously acne

According to a survey, 80% of women who regularly make up are acne problems due to improper cleansing. In general, this acne does not appear immediately, but accumulates in the deep pores for a long time, mostly in the form of whiteheads and closed acne, which develops into inflammatory acne after being stimulated by the outside world. Is it true that the acne flower girl is far from being a makeup product? Of course not, in addition to careful cleaning, pay attention to minimize the length of time that cosmetics stay on the skin during makeup. The acne girl of oily skin should choose a refreshing and non-greasy product when choosing cosmetics, and it will be long lasting and super strong. The opaque products are not recommended for use by acne girls.

It’s worse to play with your face.

Excessive cleansing can cause skin irritation, which can make acne more serious. The use of mild cleansing products and exfoliating products will not damage the protective layer on the skin surface, nor will it irritate the skin, thus not weakening the skin's ability to heal, while maintaining the skin's ability to resist bacteria.

Improper cleaning tool

In theory, the acne itself will not leave scars, but if there is improper external force, it will be accidentally destroyed, then it will attract a bunch of inflammatory cells swarming, so it will form inflammatory Acne, it is easy to leave scars.

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