Security function characteristics and extended application of access control management system

The application system (Application) is based on Microsoft's programming environment (Visual Basic / Visual C++) and Echelon's LonWorks Network Services, running in Microsoft's Windows environment, DI/DO and IC for access. The Network Interface Card Driver is managed.

1. Safety features

1) After the system is equipped with uninterruptible power supply, it can realize 24-hour reliable operation of security management.

2) The front-end access controller has power-down protection, and can maintain the field data after power-off for 24-72 hours.

3) The central computer is faulty, and the on-site control system of each entrance and exit can still work normally offline, and keep records of events 2000-20000

4) In the emergency, the central control room can control the status of each entrance and exit

5) Real-time alarms for certain abnormal entrances and exits (such as forcibly opening the door, closing the door for a long time, disconnecting the communication line, dismantling the device, equipment failure, etc.)

6) You can disable a personal identification card or a batch of identification cards or track their tracks to process blacklists

7) Define that certain and certain entrances and exits are normally open or closed for emergency situations such as fire and bandit

8) Use the password to set up different permission levels for the operator, and generate a log of the operations performed to achieve confidentiality and auditability of security management.

2. Basic functions

1) The person can hold the card in and out of the entrance and exit, and the system can realize the access control management.

2) Flexible setting of which cards or cards can enter and exit which time zone, which can set the number of times card or time accumulation card

3) For a card, a person, an import and export, a certain period of time, some kind of alarm, perform statistical query of action, status, operation, authority, etc.

4) Display the status of all current entrances and exits in real time in electronic map and table

5) Holiday management

6) Unique plug-in controller structure ensures excellent construction and installation processability

3. Application extension

1) Additional card personal data can be attached to assist in the formation of a file management system

2) Management of attendance, patrol, conference room, parking lot, elevator room, canteen, etc.

3) The data file can be called on the internal network, open the history record under the office software Access, Excel, and facilitate the data application of the third party.

4) Linkage with video surveillance and anti-theft alarm system

5) Soft and hard anti-back

6) Remote control via the Internet

7) Remote maintenance via the Internet

8) Multi-card type (identification) identification technology, supporting magnetic card, contact IC (ID) card, IB button, non-contact IC (ID) card, non-contact IC (smart) card, fingerprint, etc.

9) Doka open one door

10) Multimedia performance (voice prompts, alarms, voice recognition, etc.)

11) Multi-level, multi-interface (large system, small system)

12) One card

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