Performance Guarantee and Installation Advantages of Sports Wood Flooring

Performance characteristics of sports wood floor systems

Sports wood flooring is a sports wood floor system with anti-deformation properties, and its surface must have a coefficient of friction of 0.4 to 0.7. Excellent impact absorption performance can effectively prevent athletes from sports injuries. As a basketball court sports wood floor, you also need to have more than 90% of the ball rebound ability.


What are the performance characteristics of sport wood flooring systems?

1. The sports wood floor system fully satisfies the three major functions (motion function, protection function, and technical function) of the sports floor and the requirements of the six sports performance indexes.

2. Each component of sports wood flooring system has its own independent anti-corrosion and moisture-proof treatment. It can fully meet the adaptability of the sports wood flooring system to the changes of the ambient temperature and humidity when the pavement is large.

3. The LVL double-layer keel structure specially designed with reference to the American NBA sports floor structure, the elasticity of the system, vibration absorption, ball rebound, fully reflects the scientific design, not only from the special rubber pad elasticity, but also The structures are all elastic and have a uniform distribution of forces, which maximizes the carrying capacity of the unit area and reduces the load on each unit element. The floor can meet the requirements of the three functions and six sports performance indicators for a long time.

Installation advantages of sports wood floors

(I) Sport Field Acceptance Standard Guarantee Project

1. The variety, specification, grade, quality of the wood material and the moisture content during laying should meet the relevant requirements of the demand side of the construction site where the moisture content is lower than 18%.

2. All kinds of wooden floor wood board surface layer and base layer nail must be firmly loose (or sticky), glue used glue must meet the design requirements. Test method: Observe, step on foot or tap with a small hammer to check.

(II) Basic standards for the acceptance criteria of wood flooring for sports venues

1. The surface quality of wooden floor should comply with relevant regulations: Qualified: The wooden board surface shall be smooth, no planing marks, blemishes, and burrs. The pattern shall be clear and the oil film surface shall be uniform in color. Excellent: The wood board surface is smooth and smooth, no planing marks, blemishes and burrs, the pattern is clear and beautiful, the oil film surface color is the same. Inspection methods: observation, hand touch and foot examination.

2. The quality of the wooden board surface seams should meet the following requirements: The wood surface layer of sports wood flooring is qualified: the gap is tight, the joints are staggered, and the surface is clean. Excellent: The gap is tight, the joints are staggered, the surface is clean, and the joints are straight and straight.

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