Offset printing is also afraid of heat, summer offset printing common problems and solutions

Hot summer arrived, the majority of users are still offset printing machine is always busy, some users may be time for customers to provide satisfactory printed materials, and other users, it might unsatisfactory for the quality of printed products and It’s a bitter, and maybe even screaming; what is the problem with printing in the summer? How to solve it? Let’s discuss it.

First, easy to dirty version

1. Increase the amount of water to avoid dirty plates; in summer, the temperature is high. Compared with other seasons, the water control should be increased appropriately. This is to increase the pressure of the water roller.

2, strictly control the temperature; the printing environment temperature should be controlled at 10-28 degrees, the best temperature is 15-25 degrees , preferably not more than 28 degrees. If conditions permit, it is best to print in an air-conditioned room to control the temperature; there is no condition and the machine must be moved to a cool place.

3, the control of humidity; humidity and water control is inversely proportional: that is, the greater the humidity, the water control should be reduced. In general, the suitable ambient humidity of the offset press is controlled between 50% and 85% relative humidity;

Second, ink emulsification

1. In summer, the temperature is high and the ink is thin. At this time, the No. 0 varnish to thicken the ink should be added; at the same time, considering this factor, the water control should also be increased.

2. The ink is cooled; some operators may freeze the ink in the refrigerator, so that the ink thickens due to the decrease in temperature. However, since the temperature of the ink gradually increases during the printing process, this method is effective only in a short period of time.

3. When selecting printing inks, it is best to choose inks that are less oily and suitable for summer printing. If the ink is too thin, add a little dry oil. Actually, when controlling water, comprehensive factors such as thinness of ink, temperature, and humidity should be fully considered to achieve the best printing effect.

Third, the electromagnet is hot, the plate pressure is insufficient

In the summer, why does the electromagnet heat up? The reasons are as follows:

1. The temperature is high; the heat dissipation effect is mainly caused by the temperature difference between the electromagnet and the surrounding environment; the smaller the temperature difference, the less ideal the heat dissipation effect.

2, the voltage is too low; the power supply used by the offset press is preferably stable at 220V/50HZ, especially to guard against the interference of surrounding electrical appliances; in summer, due to the extensive use of electrical equipment, the voltage is too low, thus increasing the load on the electromagnet , causing fever.

3. The resistance of the electromagnet tension spring is too large; the resistance of the tension spring is too large, causing fever. In view of the above, we recommend using a continuous (non-ordinary household step-up boost) AC regulated power supply to improve the quality of operation and extend the life of the machine. On the other hand, we are also stepping up the development of more powerful electromagnets to effectively solve the problem of insufficient magnetic force, and this result will soon be introduced to the market. (Editor: Zhang Wei)

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