Ming and Qing furniture research results indicate that furniture is a cultural carrier

People often say that architecture is a solidified culture. Isn't furniture the same? "China's classical furniture reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Ming Dynasty's literati were in power, the furniture was handsome and straight, and it contained infinite charm. It was filled with the taste of the literati everywhere. In the Qing Dynasty, the furniture craftsmen used magnificent. The ornamentation and the cumbersome and complicated carvings show the imperial and orthodox status of the emperor.” Zhou Jingnan, an expert on furniture research in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, pointed to a set of court-style Hainan Huanghuali Palace chairs, told reporters. Furniture can best combine its practicality and appreciation value. It is the carrier of carving, painting and living culture, and has rich research value and cultural connotation.

Zhou Jingnan pointed out: Chinese classical furniture is an important part of the ancient Chinese cultural and art treasure house and an important carrier of Chinese traditional culture. The ancient craftsmen devoted their efforts to the finest materials and exquisite craftsmanship, creating a brilliant classical furniture art. Mahogany furniture not only has a strong practical function, but also has a high aesthetic meaning. For today's people, it adds value to the collection based on the former two.

Different from other arts and crafts, Chinese traditional furniture is a three-dimensional art. It integrates painting, inlaying and engraving. It is decorated with exquisite patterns on the furniture. The three-dimensional effect that can not be expressed on the paintings is presented on the surface of the furniture. A lifelike feeling. Some decorative patterns on furniture, such as the screen and the pattern on the door of the cabinet, are directly drawn from the paintings, which is a three-dimensional expression of graphic art. At the same time, furniture is different from other three-dimensional works of art such as ceramics and jade, because ceramics and jade are made of inorganic materials, while classical furniture is organic, which is derived from nature, the essence of heaven and earth, and the landscape. Made of the precious mahogany of Reiki, the beautiful texture and color of this kind of good wood is innate, touched, can feel the unique texture, feel and intimacy of the wood itself, and the relatively fragile ceramics and the bundle of the only Compared with jade articles for playing, our traditional furniture can be viewed and used practically. It is a practical product for living and lying, storing and playing wenwan. Its beautiful shape and fine decoration give it a unique artistic beauty and can be used for viewing. With a timeless artistic charm.

For professionals born in a scholarly book and studying mahogany furniture, Zhou Jingnan has a natural affinity for mahogany. He said that mahogany furniture is exquisitely carved, temperament is simple, and the cultural heritage is profound. Paying attention to and collecting redwood is not only a symbol of identity, but also a cherish for Chinese traditional furniture culture.

Furniture sets all kinds of beauty

As the crystallization of human labor, Chinese classical furniture reflects the traditional Chinese culture in essence. On the one hand, the political, economic, religious, customs and other factors at that time determine the connotation and shape of furniture; on the other hand, furniture is also a witness of culture. Miniature, it is a way of life, containing the social background of each historical period. Different societies have different geographical, ethnic, and cultural factors, and the aesthetic concepts they form are also different.

Zhou Jingnan pointed to a round table of lobular rosewood and told reporters that the beautiful texture of wooden materials reflects the natural beauty of furniture; as a practical thing necessary for life, furniture reflects a social beauty in social life; The author and the designer have a style, which is the artistic beauty of the spiritual level, which can bring a beautiful enjoyment to people. It can be said that furniture is a masterpiece of art and technology.

Chinese traditional aesthetics is implicit and connotative, emphasizing the meaning of the environment and the god of the shape. Artistic conception is not a vain thing. Without an artistic image, there is no artistic conception. Without a blend of scenes, there is no artistic image with vivid artistic appeal and artistic atmosphere. Therefore, Chinese classical furniture also emphasizes the rendering effect of furniture in the artistic conception. It is good at using freehand brushwork to extract other artifacts and the essence of the building and to concise and enrich it. It expresses a subtle and profound artistic meaning and creates an artistic beauty. An artistic atmosphere that brings a spiritual enjoyment. In classical furniture, the theme of celebrity paintings and calligraphy is often used for decoration: it means a kind of elegant taste, and there are also books and painters who make inscriptions as a kind of furniture decoration. For example, the Ming-style rosewood chair has the inscription on the back of the book and painter Zhou Tianqi. “Nothing to sit still, two days a day. If you live for seventy years, it is one hundred and forty.” This can only be displayed flat. Painting and calligraphy works, through the furniture carrier, can achieve stereoscopic three-dimensional display, become vivid, and can be passed down from generation to generation. This will make the furniture and art works enhance each other and complement each other.

Industrialization is also conducive to cultural heritage

China's solid wood furniture has reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Ming Dynasty furniture is elegant and pretty, and the carvings of the Qing Dynasty furniture are beautiful, all reflecting the unique charm and value of Chinese civilization in that era. As a result, people have formed an inherent concept. When it comes to superior mahogany furniture, it must be considered the best handmade. The current reality is that the masters of craftsmen who understand Chinese traditional culture and have exquisite craftsmanship are getting older, and there are not many young people who are willing to learn this craft. Therefore, the craftsmen in the industry are increasingly scarce. . If you use a set of carved antique furniture by hand, you need three or five masters to spend three or five years to complete. Although the works produced are exquisite and shocking, it is more beautiful. More than practical, and only a small number of people appreciate or use, in fact, is not conducive to the inheritance of furniture culture.

Zhou Jingnan told reporters: "By cutting the large pieces of wood with a machine first, then grinding it, and then hand-carving it by the craftsman in detail. This will not only greatly ease the current situation of talent shortage in the industry, but also speed up production efficiency and create More boutiques will make the mahogany culture better. The development of industrialization and the advancement of science and technology will always promote social development. In ancient times, there was no machine, and labor production could only be done by hand and manpower. The basic needs of the day, such as a chair, the ancients may not be able to make too much fuss about design, decoration, and overall coordination like modern people, but only to meet the basic functions of the chair "sitting." Today, relying on machines People can make a piece of furniture more exquisite and delicate, and have an artistic beauty."

Young people want to love traditional culture

Faced with excellent mahogany furniture and a long-standing furniture culture, Zhou Jingnan said with some sadness that at present, although the mahogany furniture culture is recognized by many people, the people who like mahogany are mostly people aged 35 to 60. Many young people do not understand our traditional culture of 5,000 years. They have no sense of identity and self-confidence in traditional culture. They think that European furniture is more tasteful than mahogany furniture. In fact, this concept is wrong. After thousands of years of cultural accumulation, there is a stable and peaceful character in the Chinese bones. In today's fast-paced society, young people who are working hard are under a lot of pressure. They need to relax and release stress. The splendid furniture is luxurious and dazzling, but it is easy to make people feel nervous, and in the room where the mahogany furniture is arranged, it can make people get away from the calm of the world and truly return to human nature.

The mahogany furniture has a solid shape, but its carvings are lively, colorful and delicate. The stability of the shape is a contradiction with the lively surface of the carving. In fact, the fine carvings reconcile the heavy shape, which makes the mahogany furniture with strong lines add some feminine factors, and the two are very unified and harmonious. Different mahogany furniture has different carving themes and styles, and different carvings have different meanings. The carvings of mahogany furniture express people's good wishes and have rich historical and cultural connotations, commemorative significance and collection value.

Regarding how to improve the enthusiasm of the younger generation of China for traditional culture, Zhou Jingnan said that it is first necessary to rely on the media to do more traditional cultural propaganda, to guide from positive public opinion, and secondly to guide through society. For example, some redwood culture festivals are held, and the Redwood Culture Museum is built to create a cultural atmosphere that guides people to pay attention to Chinese traditional culture. Finally, young people must also consciously improve their cultural literacy. Multi-pronged approach, let young people love Chinese traditional culture.

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