Hydraulic universal testing machine maintenance and maintenance

(1) All parts of the testing machine should be wiped clean frequently. Wipe the surface without painting and apply a gauze with a small amount of oil to wipe it again to prevent rust. During the rainy season, you should pay attention to the rubbing and oiling. When not in use, cover it to prevent dust from entering.

(2) All door covers on the dynamometer should not be opened frequently to prevent the dust from entering the internal part to affect the transmission performance of the precision part, and prohibit non-operators from playing around to avoid accidents.

(3) When the test is suspended, the oil pump motor is turned off and should not be idling to avoid wasting power and not wearing the rotating parts in the pump.

(4) Moving the rotating part of the cross member of the driving beam to the base through the grease fitting provided on the base. Always pay attention to the slippery so that the wear does not hinder the rotation; the surface of the screw should always be coated with new grease.

(5) The ball bearing in the two ends of the spindle of the dynamometer and the rolling bearing in the pointer structure are not allowed to be lubricated with oil, so as to avoid oil pollution for a long time and hinder the sensitivity of the mechanism. During maintenance, after cleaning and drying with kerosene, inject a small amount of high-quality lubricating oil (such as #1 spindle oil) to prevent corrosion.

(6) The fuel tank should be inspected frequently. If the oil level of the fuel tank is lower than the high oil level, the sinking oil level should be made up.

(7) The screws for fixing the guide plate on the hydraulic clamping device and the plate fixing screws on both sides of the jaws must be checked frequently to prevent loosening.

The above contents are organized according to the problems encountered by the students in the actual work, for reference, if there is any problem, please communicate and correct in time.

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