How to extend the service life of printed rubber blankets

When using it, pay attention to the following points:

(1) Tension of a rubber blanket. The size of the tension directly controls the tightness of the rubber blanket. If the tension is too large, the rubber blanket will be tight and it will easily cause cracking. If the tension is too small, it will cause insufficient washing. Sometimes there is relative movement between the inner side and the main drive roller (commonly known as skid). When the new rubber blanket is put on the machine, its tension must be properly adjusted, and it must be checked regularly during use, using a torque wrench to adjust. For a printing machine with a printing width of 1620 mm, the moment is approximately 54 N·m. For a printing machine with a printing width of 1850 mm, the torque is 55 N·m. According to this adjustment, the rubber blanket is subjected to a tension of 1473 to 6874N. For the new rubber blanket, in the absence of tension, draw a 2000mm line segment on the surface of the rubber blanket, and then gradually increase the tension, and run, when the length is extended by 3% 0, that is, when the line segment is 2006ram, the tension The most moderate. The two shafts of the tension adjusting device are connected by a chain. During installation, the parallelism of the main and passive rollers is guaranteed. Therefore, it is absolutely not allowed to remove the chain and make a single adjustment during the adjustment, otherwise the rubber blanket will be flared, running in an arc or running diagonally, resulting in inaccurate flowering or running, eventually causing the rubber blanket to be scrapped.

(2) All parts that come into contact with the rubber blanket must be intact. Each roller bearing and washing device must be inspected regularly to ensure that it is intact. Always check the corrective device is intact. In addition, the lever of the micro switch is in contact with the edge of the carpet. Once the edge of the blanket is soft, it can easily cause malfunctions. At this time, the soft edge can be cut and can be used continuously.

(3) Cleaning of rubber blankets. During the operation, when the rubber blanket passes through the water washing device, it is scraped while spraying water, and the hot water can improve the cleaning effect of the rubber blanket, but the water temperature should not exceed 50 qG. After use for a period of time, the water spout causes blockage of the water spout due to the accumulation of debris in the water. In this way, the washed sponge and the surface of the rubber blanket are dry-grinded, and the pigment remaining on the surface of the rubber blanket is retained on the sponge by water-free washing, and the thicker and harder the product is, the longer the friction with the rubber blanket causes serious abrasion of the rubber blanket. . Generally, after the printer has been operating for a certain period of time, it is necessary to stop and do the cleaning work. However, many manufacturers use the cleaning method and the improper selection of cleaning agents, resulting in premature cracking of the rubber blanket surface. Here is a safe and reliable method. When printing rubber blankets are used for 3 months (according to three shifts per day, 8 hours per shift), the following procedures are followed:

1 Wash the rubber blanket with warm soap (up to 50%).

2 Clean with alcohol for 30 minutes (a piece of fabric is hung on the cross beam, the alcohol is often poured on the fabric, and the rubber blanket runs slowly).

3 If you find that the rubber blanket has cracks, you can use a very fine polishing paper (impervious) such as soft silicon carbide for polishing. Use adhesive tape to stick the polishing paper to the water washing device, and then open the water spray pipe to make the rubber blanket slide over the polishing paper. After running 10 cycles, remove the polishing paper. Run for 10 minutes again.

4 In the use of 3 months or the surface of the rubber blanket with a lot of or a little cracking can be cleaned according to the above method, with as little or no acetone to clean.

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