How is Kanglejia K998-1 Running Machine

Kangle Jia K998-1 how to run Kangle leisure K998-1 treadmill price ¥ 2699.00-2899.00, there are multi-functional and single-function two configurations with exercise cardiopulmonary function, leg muscles and human coordination, to achieve slimming effect and exercise Lower limb sympathetic capacity improves the dominating effect of the central nervous system on muscles and increases the exercise function of the abductor muscle group, the adductor muscle group, and the spine muscle group. As a home treadmill assessment network, we measured how the recreational and recreational treadmills are used. Today we have to measure the recreational rider K998-1:


1. Using the patented technology of the resort's new energy-saving motor, it is highly efficient, energy-saving, stable and energy-saving. After strict noise and electromagnetic interference tests, plus the industry's top CNC technology, the motor 2.0HP.

2, the slope can be adjusted up to 15%, set available to increase the difficulty of running, increase calorie consumption, support manual three-speed adjustment, automatic lifting.

3, using double suspension treadmill, silicone damping is the main shock. Good shock absorption, avoid knee impact.

4, multi-function panel LCD advanced dial, display heart rate, time, calories, speed, room temperature, clear screen, with a 5-inch LCD blue screen, security lock, support for heart rate testing, MP3 and audio music player, with a dedicated slot. There are 5 speed shortcuts, 4 mid-range gradient keys, and hi-fi.

How is Kanglejia K998-1 Running Machine

5, with a roller, treadmill can be used to move the position at any time, even if the girls can also be easily moved.

6, running bandwidth 410mm, non-slip anti-static, sports safety.

7, speed range 1.0-16.0km/h, load 240 pounds.

8, service: motor 5 year machine machine a year.

Blogger comments:

This Connaught good treadmill has good workmanship, quality and material quality, and the treadmill is very stable and sound, but it is not comparable to the domestically-made Yijian and Qimais brands in terms of cost performance. The configuration of the treadmill is much higher than that of the Kanglejia, and its parameters and materials are more outstanding. The Kangle brand is more cattle in the field of spinning bikes and ellipticals in the exercise bike. Its spinning bike is quite famous and influential in the industry, but running The machine was less good.

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