How do solid wood furniture make a plan in the predicament?

Although solid wood furniture is the furniture product that modern home decorators finally love, according to the development of the solid wood furniture industry in the current market, relevant experts analyzed that in the near future, the solid wood furniture industry will face some difficulties, how to predict these in advance Difficulties and suggestions for getting out of these difficulties? This has to start from the predicament that the solid wood furniture industry is about to face.

First, the solid wood furniture business is flooding

In the development process of China's solid wood furniture for more than 10 years, it has attracted many enterprises to share food with huge market demand and extremely low industry threshold. The hot market has promoted the expansion and flooding of Chinese solid wood furniture in the short term. There are some small and medium-sized enterprises that make plate furniture to transform into solid wood furniture. At the same time, many large enterprises are also eager to adopt a diversified development strategy, taking solid wood furniture as a development direction and broadening the product chain to enable enterprise management. The difficulty is getting bigger and bigger. This kind of impulsive behavior has added a lot of new "solid wood brands" to the major shopping malls in the first line. The solid wood furniture market has become more scattered, and the regional competition has become increasingly fierce. The original chaotic furniture industry pattern It seems even more confusing. In such a chaotic solid wood furniture industry, the country does not have a unified management and rules and regulations.

Second, homogenization competition cannot be changed.

At present, many solid wood furniture enterprises in the market lack considerable market positioning and strategic direction, thus blindly imitating and copying the wind, making “homogeneous competition” become the inflexible weakness of solid wood furniture. The homogenization of solid wood furniture is not only reflected in the process, technology, design, packaging, but also the display mode of its exhibition hall, the sales guide of the sales staff, etc.; the most direct consequence of such serious homogenization competition is: the market And the consumer's impression of the products produced by the company is vague, the sales of the products are not up, and it is not necessary to say that the brand of the company is shaped.

Third, the shortage of raw materials for solid wood furniture has caused the cost to soar.

According to relevant professionals of the Forestry Bureau, the amount of precious wood used in China's solid wood furniture market far exceeds the total amount of trees in China. In order to protect forest resources, China's forestry departments have increasingly stricter the review of felling; at the same time, the channels of China's log imports have also been hindered by the restrictions imposed by major timber producing countries, which inevitably makes the market price of solid wood furniture quite high. And because of the lack of substrates, many companies simply cannot produce solid wood furniture.

Fourth, the chaotic solid wood furniture market is in the public

With the rapid growth of solid wood furniture enterprises, the number of primary brands has soared, and the number of solid wood furniture has far exceeded its expected consumption capacity. In order to increase sales, all businesses want to do their best to speculate on the topic of "solid wood", and they do not hesitate to seize the market with price wars, promotion wars, and even "site damage tests". In addition, with the soaring prices of solid wood raw materials and the introduction of new standards for solid wood furniture, solid wood home enterprises have to risk the penalties of violations, and they have hit the "edge ball", causing bad impressions in the hearts of consumers, etc.; so many chaotic markets, So that some high-quality solid wood furniture companies can not grow in a good environment.

In the face of the dilemma that solid wood furniture enterprises are about to face, what should solid wood furniture enterprises think in the next process? As a company, the only thing that can be done is to work hard on its own products. Solid wood enterprises can take "new Chinese style". The style of the road, with simple Chinese style solid wood furniture products as the mainstay, to achieve the effect of saving materials, in addition, solid wood furniture companies can also take "narrow" roads such as regionalization, and constantly eliminate some solid wood furniture enterprises with poor strength and quality. , slowly develop the brand industry chain.

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