Halloween toddler handmade: bat wind chimes

Halloween Toddler Handmade: Bat Wind Chimes 1

Halloween Kids Handmade: Bat Wind Chimes 2

1. Roll up the black faux fur and sew it into two bats.

2. Bend the black pipe rod and sew it over the bat body. You can hang the bat wings on the bat's arm. Apply a layer of resin glue to the bat's furry head, then pinch the pointed ear shape
3. Fold the four black tissues into a 2.5-cm-wide organ shape to make the bat's wings.
4. Cut one end of the paper towel into a curved shape to make the bat with pointed wings. Stick the other end of the wing over the bat arm of the pipe thread and spread the wings. Then, stick the cardboard eye on the bat head.
5. Use a plate to draw a circle on the silver cardboard, cut it out and make it into the moon. Cut out the graphics of the four bats with black paper and paste them on both sides of the moon.

6. Sew the thread on the body of the bat, tie the thread to the ends of the stick, and tie the thread to the ends of the stick. Ask the parents to help make the groove on the stick and fix the thread. Then, wear the moon with a silk thread and tie one end of the thread to the middle of the stick. Attach the key ring to the other end of the wire and hang the bat.

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