Five causes of small sagging of the chest

The breasts have always been a body part that boys and girls care most about. The straight chest shape will make you look sexy! But the MMs in the office suddenly find that the chest they care most is sag and become smaller. How is this? What about it? Let's go and Xiaobian to see the cause of the sagging of the chest in life!

Five causes of small sagging of the chest

Long time office

There are many blood vessels in the shoulders and neck, and it is also the location of lymph node growth. If you don't move for a long time, it will cause poor blood circulation, and old waste can't be discharged. The end result of poor blood circulation is that nutrients can't be transported to the chest, so they can't keep firm and shiny.

It is recommended that female friends who work in front of the computer for an extended period of time can improve the stretching exercise around the shoulders. It is very effective to have 10 circles around the shoulders on both sides or to circle around the head.


The hunchback is prone to poor blood circulation and weakens the chest muscles that support the chest. In addition, the appearance will be very different! The same size of the chest, hunchback, the whole person will look listless, on the contrary, if the posture is correct, the chest will look very tight.

Please stretch your back muscles to stand up and close the left and right shoulder blades to the center. Always remember this position to stimulate the chest and abdominal muscles, not only to make the chest bigger, but also naturally look good.

3. Body temperature is often below 36 degrees

Low body temperature and debilitating constitution are the enemy of the chest. Female hormones are essential for making the chest bigger and keeping the chest tight. Female hormones are secreted by the ovaries, so secretions are reduced when the waist is cold.

It is recommended to use a warm bag or a pair of trousers to warm around the waist, or to exercise moderately every day. It is important not to let the body temperature be too low.

4. Insufficient sleep, sleepiness

Insufficient sleep can lead to autonomic dysfunction, and the secretion of female hormones is reduced. Sleep is important for the chest.

In addition, the way to sleep is also very important, the weight of the body will be pressed to the chest when sleeping, is the cause of poor chest shape. It is recommended to sleep on a night-style bra that is not too tight.

5. Do not eat breakfast

In order to have a firm breast, the daily diet is very important. Skip breakfast may cause your body temperature to rise and your body temperature to be too low... so you should have breakfast when you are busy. Foods that contain "soy isoflavones" that have similar effects to estrogen in female hormones are very helpful for breast care and breast enhancement.

Soybean products such as miso, tofu and natto contain many soy isoflavones, so it is recommended to have a bowl of miso soup for breakfast.

The above describes the bad habits that cause the chest to sag and become smaller. In order to keep your chest tight, regardless of your age, please pay attention to your usual habits! >>> Five tips to teach you how to do lip care

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