EP109 occupation ability selection system

Skills are the psychological characteristics necessary to successfully complete a certain activity, have extremely important value for career choice, and become

The main basis for career choice is that there is much research abroad, and the beginning is domestic.

This multiple vocational skills test system is a special ability test suitable for general occupations, and it

A test instrument for completing the psychological characteristics of general professional activities.

The system refers to the American Vocational Assessment Test (MVE), the Japanese General Occupational Adaptability Test, and then according to our country

The specific situation has been tested by thousands of people, and a number of professional ability test systems have been perfected. (See appendix)

The results obtained by the system may have multiple choices for each tester.

Choose according to interest needs, but it is very clear that those who do not meet the minimum benchmark for adaptability are difficult to apply to this work

No matter how hard you work, it is difficult to be competent.
Operate the experimental parts Finger flexibility measurement Percussion speed test Arm stability measurement Arm flexibility measurement Arm coordination ability measurement Aiming accuracy test Determination of movement during reaction Determination of both hand coordination ability Determination skills Spare function

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