Eco-door fashion new product stunning exhibition

On July 8, 2013, the 15th Guangzhou Construction Expo, one of the most influential architectural decoration industry events in the world, was opened at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex. At this year's Jianbo Fair, the “Top Solid Integration Pavilion” nationwide investment promotion started, and the top solid ecological door is facing the national prosperity investment, sharing the wealth Chinese dream with the majority of merchants!

In 2006, the top ecological door created the ecological concept, subverting the evolution of traditional wooden doors, introducing advanced equipment and technology from Europe and the United States, integrating Italian popular design concepts into Chinese culture, forming a unique design, stunning interpretation of environmental protection, low carbon, A new ecological equation for health.

The top solid eco door combines the popular color and elements to carry out the design, and carries the fashion to the end, which not only satisfies people's pursuit of product function and industrial beauty, but also integrates life and nature into harmony and harmony. A new experience of breathing nature, enjoying life, and cherishing society. The materials used in the top solid ecological door meet the European environmental protection standards, the surface material is the topcoat material, and the combination of new materials such as aluminum honeycomb door core and aluminum magnesium titanium alloy has caused competition among the peers;

The biggest difference between the top solid door and the traditional door is that the ecological door has high strength, high rigidity, stable structure, strong impact resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation, good cushioning performance, and four anti-attacks (pressure prevention, fire prevention, Moisture-proof, shockproof) multiple functions. The surface material is made of paint-free material. The door core is made of environmentally-friendly water-based glue. The material composition does not release formaldehyde. It adheres to environmental protection, formaldehyde-free, and low-carbon paint-free.

In 2013, Dinggu Ecological Door further improved its product system and launched about 30 new eco-door products. The color categories are full of competition, the style diversity and the modern home form a perfect match, and the sensory experience is vividly displayed, leading the industry's new trend! An ecological art is to enter the room!

?? Top solid ecological door Chengzhao dealers in China, Guangzhou Pazhou Complex Integrated Home Pavilion B District 12.2 Hall 01 booth is looking forward to your arrival!

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