Do you know summer sunscreen tips?

Summer sunscreen tips Do you know?

In the summer, the sun is hot and it is easy to cause damage to the skin due to sun exposure. So how do you pay attention to the sunscreen of the skin in the hot summer? Here are some common tips on summer skin sunscreen. Let's take a look.

1. Avoid confrontation with the hot sun

Even if you are at home, you must apply SPF 15 sunscreen because UV rays are everywhere.

2, drink plenty of water

If non-sensitive skin can use hyaluronic acid instead of moisturizing water, it not only has a good moisturizing effect, but also makes the skin elastic. After applying the mask, it can make the skin moisturize all day long.

3, fight against ultraviolet rays

Being sunburned is inevitable, but learn to soothe the skin. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and put it in the milk in the freezer of the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Then remove the surface and not only whiten and moisturize the skin, but also soothe the skin. During the refrigerating process, the skin can be deeply cleaned to clear the skin's dirt and actually reduce the spots caused by melanin.

4, supplement collagen

More than 90% of premature aging of the skin is caused by improper sun exposure. Try to avoid exposure to aging. In addition, taking more antioxidant fruits and vegetables such as carrots, grapes, and tomatoes can slow down skin aging.

5, sunscreen

The choice of sunscreen is coming in the summer, the sun is getting more and more fierce, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun are very harmful to the skin. Not only the skin is sunburned, but also spots and wrinkles are induced. Therefore, it is very important for MM to go out to protect the sun. You can choose SPF5-8 sunscreen when you go out shopping, you can choose SPF10-15 sunscreen when you go shopping. Choose SPF 20-30 waterproof sunscreen for swimming or sunbathing. Also, when the effective sun protection time is exceeded, it should be replenished in time.

6, vitamin C supplementation

Everyone knows that vitamin C can inhibit the growth of melanin, and the whitening effect is very obvious. Therefore, in order to whiten, the supplement of vitamin C is very important. In addition to oral vitamin C tablets, you should also take more in the diet, there are many fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, such as tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers, carrots, kiwi, apples, citrus, etc., eat these fruits and vegetables to keep the skin healthy and white .

7, must-have umbrellas, hats

Umbrellas and hats are the best weapon for sun protection. They can not only be decorated by girls, but also make girls more beautiful and prevent sunburn and sunburn. Therefore, you must wear a sun umbrella and a sun hat when you go out in the summer. Choose a professional umbrella and don't choose a umbrella for both rain and rain.

8, whitening mask

The mask is also an essential skin care product in the summer, which can whiten and hydrate the skin. Before going to sleep, apply a mask with hydrating whitening effect to relieve the fatigue of the day, and the cool mask is very comfortable. It is recommended to apply twice a week. ,

9, fresh aloe vera juice treatment sunburn

Aloe vera is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which are essential nutrients for epidermal cells, which can repair damaged skin after sun exposure.

If the skin is unfortunately sunburned, sunburned or sunburned, then aloe vera treatment on the day can be very effective. Cut a small piece of aloe vera, then cut off the small thorns on both sides, and apply the gelatinous substance in the aloe vera to the hot skin, and keep it for a while to make the aloe component fully penetrate. The next day, the phenomenon of redness and fever of the skin will improve or even disappear. However, it is important to note that people who are allergic are advised not to use this method.


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