Couples buy the whole wardrobe, how much should men participate?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Women are naturally more closely related to men and clothes, and the wardrobe is an important place for clothing storage. Generally, women's eyes are used to select wardrobes. Then, what role should men play in this, how to cooperate with his wife's girlfriend to buy a wardrobe?


First, the choice of style color In addition to the theme of the bedroom, it is more important to move the woman.

Looking at the Chinese home decoration, did you find a very strange phenomenon? The decoration of the living room, dining room, study room and other places all have strong masculinity, and the bedroom decoration will focus on the aesthetics of the woman, and the focus is on the whole. The choice of wardrobe and dresser style and color.

Second, men should know the relationship between the whole wardrobe and the woman from an early age. The wife occupies two-thirds of the overall wardrobe space and it is normal for you to have only one-third. If you allow your wife's clothes to be more than you, then you should recognize her choice of the overall wardrobe.

Third, the function of a reasonable distinction should be the maximum requirements for men's overall wardrobe.

Men are always associated with dirty, chaotic, and poor home environments. Clothes and socks are placed everywhere, and when they need it, they think of their own help. A whole wardrobe that can be designed according to actual needs, although it can not solve the habit of casual placement, but at least allows the careless big men to find the clothing they need. The lattice frame of the whole wardrobe can separate socks, ties, belts, wallets, key cases, etc., and the pullable pants rack allows the men to get what they want without messing up other pants. pants. Set the height of the laminate according to your specific needs. Maybe you need a golf club with your favorite golf club in the corner of the whole wardrobe, or your expensive leather suitcase.

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