Classification and main application of moisture analyzer

With the development of scientific research and the advancement of production technology, quantitative analysis of moisture has been listed as one of the basic items of physical and chemical analysis of various substances, as an important quality indicator of various substances. According to the different moisture content in different types of samples, different requirements for measuring moisture are proposed. Moisture measurement can be the control analysis of industrial production, or the quality of industrial and agricultural products. It can be measured from tons of products. It can also be analyzed in the laboratory with only a few microliters of test solution; it can be Constant moisture analysis with a water content of a few percent to a few tens, or trace moisture analysis with a water content of less than 1 part per million, etc.

Moisture analysis methods can generally be divided into two categories, namely physical analysis and chemical analysis. Classical moisture analysis methods have been gradually replaced by various moisture analysis methods. At present, the main moisture analyzers on the market mainly include Karl Fischer moisture analyzer, infrared moisture meter, dew point moisture meter, microwave moisture meter, coulomb moisture meter, And some special moisture meters. The measuring methods of these instruments are easy to operate, have high sensitivity and good reproducibility, and can continuously measure and automatically display data.

Foreign moisture analyzers have certain advantages in terms of accuracy and stability, but they are expensive and unacceptable for some domestic laboratories and enterprises. In recent years, many domestic instrument manufacturers have strengthened the research and practice of moisture analyzers, and have achieved very obvious benefits, making the technology of domestic moisture analyzers close to the international level, which can meet the needs of general laboratories and enterprises.

The Karl Fischer method is a classic method. After improvements in recent years, it has greatly improved accuracy and expanded the measurement range. It has been listed as the standard method for the determination of moisture in many substances. In recent years, the imported Karl Fischer moisture analyzers that have been more active in the domestic market include France ’s Reis, Metrohm Switzerland, METTLER TOLEDO, Germany Schott, and Kyoto Electronics Japan; the domestic Karl Fischer moisture analyzers are mainly There are Haidian Chaosheng, pioneer Weifeng, Jiangsu Jianghuan Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. and so on.

Infrared moisture meter is easy to operate, less time-consuming, and accurate measurement results, so infrared moisture meter can be widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, food and other industries for experimental analysis and daily purchase control and process detection. The main manufacturers include American Omnimark, American Fisher, American Raytek, American Omnimark, German Sartorius, Japanese Kett, Shanghai Precision Scientific Instrument Company, Nuclear Industry Beijing Institute of Chemical Metallurgy, Beijing Jiuru Instrument Co., Ltd. etc.

The dew point moisture analyzer is easy to operate, the instrument is not complicated, and the measured results are generally satisfactory. It is often used for the determination of trace moisture in permanent gases. However, this method has more interference, and some easily exchangeable gases will cause condensation before water vapor condenses, especially at higher concentrations. Manufacturers include British shaw company, ametek and so on.

The Coulomb Moisture Analyzer is commonly used to determine the moisture content of gases. This method is simple in operation and quick in response, and is particularly suitable for measuring trace moisture in gas. If it is determined by a general chemical method, it is very difficult. However, the electrolytic method is not suitable for the determination of alkaline substances or conjugated diolefins. Manufacturers include Chengdu Instrument Factory, Jiangsu Jianghuan Company, Daqingri First Class

The microwave moisture analyzer uses the microwave field to dry the sample to speed up the drying process. It has the characteristics of short measurement time, easy operation, high accuracy and wide application range. It is suitable for granular, paper, wood, textile and chemical products, etc. The determination of moisture in powder and viscous solid samples can also be applied to the determination of moisture in petroleum, kerosene and other liquid samples. Producers include American cem company, American omnimark company, Changsha Youxin company, etc.

In addition, some special moisture analyzers occupy an increasingly prominent position in the market. This moisture analyzer has the advantages of specificity and simple operation. It is commonly used for online control analysis of industrial production and the quality of industrial and agricultural products. Such as moisture analyzer in oil, soil moisture analyzer, tobacco moisture analyzer, grain moisture analyzer, wood moisture analyzer, concrete moisture analyzer, paper moisture analyzer, etc.

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