Apparel Material Science ----- Basic Knowledge of Apparel (Continued 10)

b. Reference pressing conditions for various types of adhesive lining

b. Reference pressing conditions for various types of adhesive lining

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⑸ Waist lining: This lining is a new type of lining developed in recent years. Most of them use nylon, polyester and cotton as raw materials to weave into a belt-shaped lining according to different waist heights. Decoration, so its application in modern clothing production is more and more common.

① ⑹ Tie interlining: This interlining is made of wool, chemical fiber, cotton, etc. as the base fabric, which is then processed by cooking, raising and resin finishing. It is applied to the inner layer of the tie to play a good shape and shape Function, and supplement the tie strength and elasticity, etc., its application is also very wide.

Third, the basic principles of matching clothing lining

1. Compatible with the performance of clothing fabrics. These properties mainly include the color, weight, thickness, color fastness, drape, shrinkage, etc. of the garment fabric. For the shrinkable lining, it must be pre-shrinked before cutting, and for light-weight and light-weight fabrics, special attention should be paid. The color fastness of the inner lining avoids bad phenomena such as staining and breathability.

2. Harmonized with the requirements of clothing modeling. Due to the difference in the type and characteristics of the interlining, the corresponding type, thickness, weight, soft, hard and elastic lining should be selected according to the different design parts and requirements of the clothing, and pay attention to the warp and weft directions of the lining when cutting to accurately and perfectly reach the clothing Requirements for design modeling.

3. The actual garment production equipment conditions and the cost of lining materials should be considered. For example, when selecting an adhesive interlining, you must consider whether it is equipped with corresponding pressing equipment. On the basis of meeting the design requirements of clothing design, the selection of lining materials should be based on the principle of reducing the cost of clothing as much as possible to suit Market demand improves the economic efficiency of enterprises. - Author: admin
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Section 4 Garment litter edge shape 1. The concept and basic function of litter

1. Concept: Garment padding refers to cushions that ensure the shape of the garment and modify the human body.

2. Basic function: At specific parts of the clothing, use the manufactured articles to support or line it, so that the specific parts can be heightened, thickened, smoothed, modified, etc. according to the design requirements, so as to make the clothing fit to stand tall and beautiful , Reinforcement and other effects.

2. Classification and characteristics of litter

1. classification

â‘´According to the material used: cotton and cotton pad

Foam pad

Needle punching mat for wool and chemical fiber

⑵According to the use part: shoulder pad

Chest pad

Collar pad

2. Features

â‘´Shoulder pads: also known as shoulder pads, which make the clothing shape upright, neat and beautiful. It has been widely used in clothing as an important padding for improving the clothing shape.

⑵Chest pad: also known as chest velvet and chest lining, it makes the clothes stiff, full, beautiful, and shape-retaining. It is mainly used in the front chest of suits, coats and other clothing.

(3) Collar pad: It is also called collar bottom, which makes the clothing collar flat, suitable for clothing, and good shape retention. It is mainly used in suits, coats, military and police clothing and other industry uniforms.

There are many types of padding in clothing. In addition to the above three main padding, there are sleeve pads, hip pads, pocket (bag) pads, etc., which will not be detailed here.

3. The basic principle of matching bedding

In the selection of bedding, comprehensive analysis and application are mainly based on factors such as the styling requirements of clothing design, clothing types, personal body shape, fashion trends, etc., to achieve the best effect of clothing styling.

Section 5 Clothing Fleece 1. The concept and basic function of the fleece

1. Concept: Apparel is used in clothing fabrics and fabrics

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