Anti-allergic new forces to strengthen skin resistance

In this season, the skin is still fragile and sensitive, how to fight? Deepen the root cause of “easy sensitivity”, strengthen skin's ability to resist and achieve a healthier texture.

Four reasons for changing seasons

Four reasons for changing seasons

Temperature difference

Changes in temperature cause an increase in the amount of sebum secretion in the skin, leading to an imbalance of water and oil; and the temperature difference between day and night in spring and summer is large, and the autonomic nerve is prone to be unstable, thereby reducing the skin's resistance and causing sensitivity.

2. Pollen

The skin that is not strong enough in the skin itself will produce a series of allergic symptoms due to pollen, which leads to dryness and disorder of the normal function of the stratum corneum, which is more sensitive to external stimuli and thus forms a vicious circle.

3. Mental stress

Mental stress can lead to autonomic nervous disorders and affect blood circulation. Because of the decrease in metabolism, the stratum corneum thickens, causing acne and roughness. Sensitive symptoms are more severe under the influence of external factors such as ultraviolet light and pollen.


In the spring and summer, the ultraviolet rays gradually strengthen, and the skin is difficult to adapt at once, thus causing the skin to be dehydrated and rough. If there is no proper defense, delicate and sensitive skin can be easily sunburned and sunburned by UVA and UVB in the sun.


Moisturizing nourishing cream RMB188/40g

A deep moisturizing cream specially formulated for sensitive and dry skin. Contains "Hydrating and moisturizing ceramide functional ingredients". It can moisturize and nourish the active ingredients into the stratum corneum to create a moisturizing and moisturizing skin. status.

ORIGINS source of Yuemu

Dr. Wei Mushroom Brightening Essence Milk RMB880/50ml

Anti-allergy, skin-enhancing, energizing essence, light and delicate, contains rare and comprehensive mushroom essence, can help the skin to immediately soothe and calm the inflammation, redness or discomfort caused by external stimulation, and fully improve skin function and defense. mechanism.


Herbal Essence Lotion RMB130/160ml

It is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It does not contain pigments, spices, preservatives, and extracts natural herbs and fresh fruit extracts such as bamboo, aloe, citrus, white tea, mild and non-irritating, adjusts water and oil balance, and is effective in calming and soothing. Sensitive skin.

Skin care measures for the "temperature difference" of sensitive seasons

Skin care measures for the "temperature difference" of sensitive seasons

Due to the imbalance of skin water and oil caused by temperature difference, it is necessary to use a comprehensive moisturizing treatment to “save”. Choose natural moisturizing lotion and beauty lotion for natural skin to deeply moisturize the skin, then use the soft cream as the finishing touch, and firmly lock all the active ingredients of the previous skin and give it Nourishment of water and oil balance.

(from left to right)


Zhiying Care Soothing Cream RMB720/15ml

A versatile, high-performance super moisturizing cream that soothes dry, suede skin quickly, even after makeup.


Moisturizing nourishing cream RMB188/40g

It contains blue eucalyptus leaf extract, which can penetrate into the stratum corneum sufficiently, so that the skin is not easily affected by external stimuli. Effectively prevents skin from becoming rough and moisturized while remaining light and comfortable.


Herbal Essence Lotion RMB130/160ml

It extracts natural herbs and fresh fruit extracts such as bamboo, aloe, citrus and white tea, and is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It is effective for calming and soothing sensitive skin.

4SEPHORA Sephora

Lightening lotion RMB199/50ml

Contains instant moisturizing, long-lasting moisturizing plant active ingredients that deeply hydrates, leaving skin smooth and supple, providing an excellent smoothing experience and improving skin texture.

5freeplus Fu Lifang

Anti-Red Repair Moisturizing Serum RMB290/30ml

With the sweet tea extract, it can inhibit the protective function of the stratum corneum and improve the skin's resistance. With hyaluronic acid, it provides a rich moisturizing effect, and it is concentrated and moisturized for rough, reddish skin in extremely dry conditions.

6MUKTI Moody

Organic Flowers Moisturizing Spray RMB498/100ml

Using Moroccan rose, lavender, aloe vera and other essences, it has multiple effects such as moisturizing, soothing and anti-oxidation. It also has a natural rose scent, which makes people feel more comfortable, moisturizing and aromatherapy.


Moisturizing lotion RMB128/125ml

Contains Avene Active Spring Water to create and maintain a good moisturizing environment for the skin. It also contains the essence of plants, which can effectively repair the imbalance of cells in water-deficient skin and make the skin feel fresh and comfortable.


Ultimate Hydrating Essence RMB868

Gives skin a long-lasting moisturizing effect for more than 12 hours, protects the skin against pollution and external environmental damage, leaving the skin delicate, saying goodbye to roughness and oxidation, reducing sensitivity and reducing wrinkles.


Curacao Aloe Vera Toner RMB218/80ml

Contains precious Aloe Vera extract, which quickly soothes skin discomfort and redness and enhances skin resistance. Add more moisture to the skin, making it smooth and smooth, showing a healthy and bright color.

Skin care measures for "pollen"

Skin care measures for "pollen"

A spray with immediate soothing, instant calming effects and a sleep mask with deep moisturizing properties alleviate sensitive skin symptoms. Choose a mild, moisturizing product that repairs red, dry skin that is sensitive to pollen, restores the normal function of the stratum corneum, and returns a good, healthy skin condition.

(from left to right)

1ESTEELAUDER Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Night Cream


Known as the "Face Night Cream", this product is rich in natural botanical extracts, which can inject nutrients into the skin at night, while calming and calming. When you wake up, your skin will say goodbye to the skin, and you will have a healthy glow. .

2Nature&Co Na Mint Net Tea Qingxin Spray


Contains spicy peppermint leaf extract and organic thyme extract for soothing calming, soothing and improving redness, acne and rough and dry skin after sun exposure. Convergence and firmness while also providing moisturizing .

3benefit Pui Ling Fei Hydrating Brightening Spray


Containing moisturizing power, the hyaluronic acid component can store up to a thousand times the weight of the water; in addition to the instant moisturizing function, this bottle of spray can strengthen the skin's natural water lock screen, help the skin to store moisture and long-lasting moisturizing.

4LAMER Mystery Concentrate Repairing Serum


Containing ultra-concentrated magical activity essence, it can repair skin cells to a greater extent and promote cell metabolism; it can instantly relieve redness and sensitivity of skin after use, and can significantly reduce acne marks and scars.

5Mamonde Dream Makeup Cucumber Mask


Using the polymer extraction technology to make cucumber juice granules, the active ingredients in the cucumber are directly delivered to the parts needed by the skin, effectively metabolizing the skin dirt, bringing the skin effect and creating a clear and bright skin.

6ATTENIR Ai Natural Triple Moisturizing Soft Film


Containing innovative three-stage hydration system of “giving, soaking and wrapping”, this first-aid moisturizing soft film can help the skin to restore balance in a short time. At the same time, it is a practical disposable mask, which can also be used as a sleep mask.

7EAUTHERMALEAvène 雅漾舒护活泉水


The natural and pure Avene Revitalizing Spring Water is rich in trace elements and silica, which can significantly reduce the skin's sensitivity to various stimuli. At the same time, it can also improve the metabolism of skin cells and rejuvenate them.

8HERBORIST 佰草集悦风舒润柔肤喷雾


Containing 18 kinds of Chinese herbal extracts such as Astragalus, Kochia scoparia, Magnolia and Windproof, it effectively replenishes skin moisture while calming and soothing the skin, avoiding skin irritation and giving milder protection.

9urara 悠莱柔倍倍润喷雾


A portable spray lotion that gently moisturizes unstable skin and improves resilience. This delicate, gentle spray can also be used comfortably and comfortably when going out or after applying makeup.

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