3D printing sunglasses become waste, fashion and environmental protection can be both

The combination of environmental protection and fashion has always been a topic that never fades. Recently, KickFly's, an American fashion startup that pursues this philosophy, has taken action: they have launched a business that uses recycled plastic to design 3D printed sunglasses.

KickFly's was founded by Justin Capoccia, Colin Young and John-Michael Fragnoli. These three childhood good partners all had the ambition to join the business community when they were in college, so after graduation, they did not hesitate to start the company. The trio chose to design sunglasses because it is a profitable fashion accessory, and there are two reasons for choosing 3D printing technology : First, the technology can meet people's needs for personalization; Technology can make full use of environmentally friendly materials, but traditional processes do not.

KickFly's first investment came from the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston because they were selected for an accelerated project at the agency. In April 2015, the project gave them $5,500 in funding for the purchase of plastic extruders and the first 3D printers – 3D printers. They chose Fusion3 because of its speed and print quality to meet production requirements.

It is understood that it takes an average of 30 minutes to print a pair of sunglasses using a Fusion3, but the three hope to reduce this number to 10 minutes, so they purchased another Fusion3 for simultaneous printing. In addition, because this device is compatible with a variety of materials, KickFly's can choose the most suitable. “We chose PET (one of the five common engineering plastics) and other materials like environmentally friendly PLA.”

In order to improve its product library, KickFly's is developing new sunglasses styles. At the same time, they are also working hard to improve their productivity in view of increasing orders. At present, they have entered the final stage and will officially launch their own products. Capoccia said that depending on the quality of the lens, the price of a pair of sunglasses will be between $30 and $100.

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